The South's Best Sandwiches

Etch Restaurant Nashville If you share chef Deb Paquette’s passion for captivating flavor combinations, then the Shiitake and Gouda Grilled Cheese won’t disappoint. Far beyond basic, this grilled cheese features sliced shiitake mushrooms that are blended with oil, seasonings, and a generous amount of fresh thyme and then slow-cooked to a silky tenderness. Brined apples are vacuum packed in what Paquette calls a “potion” of vinegar and caraway. They are stacked between slices of fresh rye bread with caramelized onions and a hint of Parmesan-horseradish mayo. And it doesn’t end there. The outside is slathered in soft butter and griddled to a crisp golden brown. All the “sammies” on the lunch menu arrive with a handful of house-made chips dusted in Etch’s own chili-malt salt. As Paquette says, “Behold the bold!”   Full Article Here

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