New Years Day Brunch with Deb Paquette

Paquette shares her approach to New Years Day brunch with a twist on tradition. Read more (and get the recipe for Deb’s New Years Day Hushpuppy Bread Pudding) here.

Get To Know The Chef Behind Etch

Deb became the first woman in Tennessee to qualify as a certified executive chef, and has since won countless awards and accolades. Today, she oversees the kitchen at etch, a globally-inspired restaurant located in Nashville, as well as its sister restaurant, etc. Read more here.

A College Student’s Guide to Dining Around Nashville

Some of Music City’s best spots to grab a late-night slice of pizza or a fancy dinner when the parents are in town aren’t necessarily within short walking distance of campus, and may require some other transportation to get there. Here’s Eater’s college guide to dining around Nashville.

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