Etch Restaurant, Nashville

The conventional wisdom is that Nashville is the new Charleston, but there are differences. In Nashville, the frenzied pace of high-rise construction is obliterating what’s left of the historic downtown. Like Charleston, though, restaurants exist on one end of a continuum: either rustic, down-home BBQ joints or temples of new-wave fusion.

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The Sights and Sounds of Music City

Nashville is a unique community that lives up to its nickname of Music City. The Tennessee capital is a center for the nation’s music industry and helped bring the country genre to the world. It attracts nearly 14 million visitors each year, with most coming to enjoy its many festivals, concerts and live-music venues. Still, this growing city exudes the same small-town Southern charm that has made it such a special place to live, work and visit.


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Best Lunch Restaurants In Nashville

Nashville’s food scene is booming. There are new restaurants opening almost every week and long-time favorites that still deserve attention. While breakfast, brunch and dinner typically steal the spotlight, everyone needs a bite to eat at lunch time, too. Whether t’s a midday outing with a friend or a business meeting with a potential client, below are some of our top recommendations for lunch in Nashville. We’ve also included the restaurant’s type of cuisine and neighborhood.

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11 Local Ladies Prove That a Woman’s Place is Definitely in the Kitchen!

It is not requisite to label these chefs as female, because their “Chef” titles have been earned through blood, sweat and burns, not the presence of two X chromosomes — that was just luck. But here at StyleBlueprint, we enjoy celebrating women. So today, we recognize 11 female chefs and restaurateurs, yes, for being female, but also for their abiding impact on Nashville’s culinary scene. We posed one question to each, and everyone indulged with honest, intelligent answers.


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The Best Happy Hour in 12 Nashville Neighborhoods

With the immense boom of new restaurants and bars in Nashville comes an expanded list of revelrous happy hours. But not all happy hours are created equal, and you surely don’t want to waste those precious few hours of booze-filled joy at the wrong place. Fear not! We’ve come to the rescue to help you find the best happy hours in 12 of Nashville’s greatest neighborhoods.


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